Darrell McQuarter and Shannon McDougal are medical professionals who operate and own a Mental Fitness Organization which happens to be an affiliate of a WELLNESS ORGANIZATION. Having over 45 years between the two in the industry of WELLNESS they've committed their life and business to the enlightenment of impoverished communities across the chicago-land area. Their workshop listed but not limited to Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Time Management, Alternative Medical Practices, Team Building and Knowing Relationship Worth has helped thousands across the globe. 

Mental Fitness & Physical Wellness is a lifestyle that encompasses MENTAl Stability, EMOTIONAL Well-Being, SPIRITUAL Soundness and PHYSICAL Activity. 

Shannon & Darrell adamantly believe that 

"Wherever the head goes the body must follow" 


"Iron Sharpens Iron".


Dsweatbox's  philosophy has dramatically enhanced everyone that has been introduced to the organization.  This has enabled many clients to achieve phenomenal personal goals in Mental Fitness & Physical Wellness.​

It's an absolute FACT that with the proper motivation, education and tools all challenges can be overcome.

Their contributions to Family, Community and the WORLD preface their commitment to WELLNESS.

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Veteran Owned and Operated